Now available!  Aqua-5 Reef is a highly beneficial blend of probiotic bacteria with nutrients especially created for reef and coral saltwater aquariums! For thirty years Environmental Alternatives has been the leader in beneficial bacteria development, aquaculture nutrition, and water conditioning in ponds and aquariums. Probiotics are the new natural and safe method to promote good health, fast growth, and enhanced fish color in the marine environment. Now we have the most effective blend for reefs and corals!

Because coral thrives in a delicate symbiotic balance with other organisms, the micronutrients included in Aqua-5 Reef have been carefully selected and mixed to ensure no overabundance of any minerals or nutrients will occur which could disrupt that balance or the health of the coral, while simultaneously delivering the benefits of the lactobacillus probiotics.

Probiotic lactobacillus especially developed for aquaculture has been shown to improve the health of live coral in much the same way as it does for other aquatic animals: It enhances the microflora which improves digestion and aids in preventing pathogens from taking hold, thus strengthening its immune system and contributing to its overall health. The effect on reef and coral tanks, and all saltwater marine aquariums, is dramatic resulting in more vibrant colors.

Aqua-5 Reef is designed to be a self balancing probiotic-nutrient in that it enhances digestion, adds nutrients, then self-cleanses by removing any excess nutrients. Thus only what is needed to contribute to the coral's optimal health is included in this blend and nothing more. Our micro-nutrient blend of vitamins and minerals works with the probiotics to keep both fish and corals in top condition.

Recommended application:

We recommend immersing or mixing Aqua-5 Reef with the food when possible just before feeding for the most direct application, with the remainder of the recommended dosage being mixed into the tank water. Should an additional boost in water quality be required, we recommend applications of Aqua-5 Dry in conjunction with Aqua-5 Reef to keep the tank environment clear and clean while controlling nitrates, nitrites, and ammonia. Aqua-5 Dry has been keeping ponds and aquariums clean and healthy for 30 years and is the number one waste degrading biological remedy in Europe today! Put the Aqua-5 team to work for you in your reef aquarium for the most healthy, vibrant, and colorful fish and corals possible!


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