Aqua-5 Plus is a highly concentrated blend of 5 strains of probiotic lactobacillus bacterias combined with an ultra dense mixture of micronutrients and enzymes especially designed to promote fish growth and health. The benefits of probiotics in aquaculture are numerous as recent studies have shown. It is economical, easy and safe to use and store and when used in conjunction with Aqua-5 Dry waste degrading bacteria an ideal balance of clear water and fish health can be achieved!

The introduction of lactobacillus in Aqua-5 Plus promotes healthy digestion and rapid fish growth. By enhancing the natural fish microflora in the gut, food is digested more thoroughly and pathogenic bacteria are reduced by nature of competition. Most notably reduced are aeromonas and pseudomonas bacteria responsible for diseases such as fin rot, hole disease, molehill, and various skin ailments. Fish become healthier and their immune systems become stronger and more resistant to worms and parasites.

A natural result is rapid growth and an all around reduction of stress in the pond environment. The acidophilus strains of bacteria in Aqua-5 Plus have been selected expressly for their suitability to aquaculture and the pond environment.

The dense mixture of micronutrients through the addition of high quality brewers yeast in our product ensure a proper and healthy level of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids. Valuable nutrients include B vitamins, vitamin C, proteins, humulone and lupolone, calcium, magnesium, Vitamin D2 and more. The proper nutrition provided by Aqua-5 Plus also enables enhanced levels of oxygen utilization.

Aqua-5 Plus is extremely effective for treatment of wounds when treated in the early stages. Therapeutic wound care requires applications at three to five times the normal rate for two to three weeks. Aqua-5 Plus accelerates natural cell regeneration and repair and dramatically reduces healing times. It should be remembered, though, that severe wounds and infections may require the care and antibiotics only available through a veterinarian.

The most effective way to immediately start koi on the benefits of Aqua-5 Plus is through applying it directly to the fish food on a daily basis. Add a teaspoon per cupful of moistened fish food and stir it in a few minutes before feeding. When applied in this form as well as to the pond water you will be amazed at the results in your fish and their health.

Aqua-5 Plus is economical to use and generates healthy fish and pond environments especially when used on a regular maintenance schedule with Aqua-5 Dry waste degraders. All Aqua-5 products are GMO free and of the highest concentrations of safe and effective biological organisms. In addition our blends are highly stable. At room temperature and in dry conditions we guarantee viability 3 to 4 years. No need to refrigerate Aqua-5 Plus or Aqua-5 Dry! Maintenance application rates are 1 tablespoon (15grams) per 2,500 gallons. Each application delivers 8 billion micro organisms of lactobacillus as well as high density micronutrients to your pond. Each jar delivers more than twice the applications of our competitors at more than twice the concentrations. It is effective in fresh or salt water. (Salt water applications are typically 2-3 times the standard freshwater applications.) As with all probiotic treatments, UV systems should be shut down for 48 to 72 hours to allow the bacteria time to establish itself in the pond system. 

Speeds Healing of Wounds & Illness



Improves Oxygen Utilization

The Next Generation Aquatic Probiotic


Fights Worms, Parasites, & Diseases

Promotes Healthy Digestion & Growth


Supports Immune Function & Suppresses Pathogens


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