Eliminates Sludge & Waste


Clears Green Water


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Seeds Bio-Filters

Stabilizes pH & Oxygen Composition



Save Money & Time

Aqua-5 Dry has been the #1 aquatic probiotic in the EU for the past 25 years. With the highest concentration of waste-degrading beneficial bacteria available on the market, only a small amount of Aqua-5 Dry is needed to quickly create a stable ecological balance. 

Not only is it the frugal choice, but Aqua-5 Dry also saves time and effort. Safe for all species of animals and plants, our probiotics keep ponds and aquatic life healthy and beautiful without the use of ozone, UV lamps, skimmers, or constant filter cleaning. Generally, a maintenance plan of one application per month is enough to keep ponds and aquariums clear and healthy year round. 

Create All-Around Pond Health

The enzymes in Aqua-5 Dry create an immediate biological response in all ponds and filter plants, while the beneficial bacteria feed on and remove fish excrement and green algae. This combination results in a stable, healthful ecology, which suppresses pathogens, nitrates, and ammonia, and stabilizes oxygen composition and pH. You'll quickly notice green water becomes clear​ and any unpleasant odors vanish.​ 

Aqua-5 Dry reduces and prevents phosphates and algal bloom. It eliminates all waste, decomposing plant particles, harmful gas production, and food residues. Meanwhile, it also promotes the formation of fishes' mucous membranes, contributing to their visible well-being and reducing their stress. The stable oxygen content and pH of the water improves fishes' appetites and growth. 

Probiotics are nature's way of maintaining a healthy balance. Aqua-5 Dry keeps your ponds and fish healthy the natural way, without the need for expensive technology or strenuous cleaning.

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Beneficial Bacteria for Aquariums & Ponds

​Aqua-5 Dry is relied on by koi pond owners worldwide to keep their ponds healthy, clean, and clear.  It is a blend of eight strains of waste-degrading beneficial bacteria engineered to remove the type of waste normally associated with pond or aquarium use, and is safe and effective for both fresh and salt water.

Removes Ammonia, Nitrates & Nitrites