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Environmental Alternatives is a bio-technology firm headquartered in Santa Paula, California. We are a pioneer in the bio-tech field and continue to pursue effective remedies using only highly-engineered formulas that quickly and safely clean wastewater and support aquatic life.

Environmental Alternatives manufactures the organic waste digester Aqua-5 Dry, which is highly regarded by koi pond and aquarium enthusiasts worldwide, as well as Aqua-5 Plus and Aqua-5 Reef - aquatic probiotics that improve the health and vitality of fish and coral, respectively.

Our products contain only the highest quality ingredients, in concentrations that have been proven to benefit aquatic life and provide real, visible results.  And we back up our claims with comparative analysis from an independent laboratory upon request.  

Read more about original Aqua-5 DryAqua-5 Plus, and Aqua-5 Reef to learn why we've been the #1 aquatic probiotic in Europe for the past 25 years.